I’m So Chicago…

As often with Facebook, there’s been this trending post of “I’m so Chicago…” where people who’ve grown up in Chicago recall some of their on personal memories.  Most of these are generally revolved around defunct establishments (such as Funtown, Jew Town, etc.) or monumental periods in our history such as the 85 Bears or the Chicago Bulls Dynasty of the 90’s. After reading through some of the posts, I couldn’t help but feel a bit reminiscent for my hometown.  And that’s a really foreign feeling for me.

I haven’t been home to Chicago in over 12 years.  for reasons not delving into, going back home never appealed to me.  Not that I had a horrible childhood or anything, but I couldn’t e wait to get out of there.  In fact, I never really understood the whole idea of living your entire life in the same area you grew up in. I understand that’s how it works for many people but it never suited me.  Once I left, I never looked back til now. Sure, I miss my family, but they’ve always made it a point to visit me everywhere for the holidays. But the lousy hot and humid weather, the subzero winters, the immense crime, and  all that other nonsense. Yea, I have yet to have any reservations about leaving.

For the first time in a long time, these posts has a guy thinking back on all those moments growing up there. I’ve been talking about going home many times the past few years, but never made the trip for one reason or another. But one thing is for sure, it is long overdue. There’s too many places I need to so and people I’d love to reconnect with that doesn’t require Facebook or any other form of virtual communication. For all intents and purposes, Seattle is my home now. But Seattle and the PNW in general that sense of regional pride or connectivity. There’s a more superficial esthetic here.  It’s missing that sense of unitedness within the city. Regardless, Seattle is a lovely city that fits me and the direction my life is going. But Chicago is always going to be a very strong part of my identity. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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