Drowning in Molehills

Apparently, wisdom comes with age. If that’s supposed to hold true, then how come it seems with every passing year I feel that much more distraught when faced with seemingly menial setbacks. Take this blog for example, I’ve made a pact to knock out a piece of writing for the better part of this year everyday regardless of its length or depth (or lack thereof) content. It’s only day two and I’m hit with the worst case of writer’s block yet. Sure, it’d be easy to just grab some random hot topic but I want to try to make these bits original.  But this little quandary has allowed me to look back on the past few years of my life in similar situations.  And shockingly, I’ve noticed a pattern that sometimes, I’ve made many more mountains out of molehills, some of which has derailed me from pursuits I was dearly earnest about. And that can be seen as a critical character flaw on my part.  No one likes the coward who cuts in run when there’s smoke in the air. It reeks of distrust, disloyalty, and ever other derogatory ‘Dis-‘ in the dictionary.

There is a silver lining hidden in this muck and mire. And it comes in the form of my son. There’s something about being a responsible and committed parent that (should) changes something in you. Having this new being in the world you’re responsible for really makes you reconsider what you’ve been doing with your life. You no longer are living for yourself. And you want to set the best possible example for them. And for me, that means showing my son that his dad has a ‘stick-to-it’-ness and doesn’t easily cut his losses when things are tough or doesn’t get his way. I hope at the very least he learns that chasing your dreams and passions is worth it, even if it means a bit of sacrifice or even failing miserably numerous times. It’s very rare in this life people know what they want out of life and even fewer that actually pursue them. And even if I fail, it’s my earnest desire that my son doesn’t let the molehills of life stop him from being a happy and productive member of this world he’s now part of and he breaks on through to the other side.


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