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Extra Life 2012: The Final Push & Tattoo Poll

Hello family and friends,

This Saturday, October 20th, will mark my second time participating in Extra Life.  I’ll be gaming this weekend to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital.  All proceeds go directly to the hospital to help sick children.  Last year Extra Life raised over $1.2 million, we want to break that record.  I also pledged I would get a tattoo if I reached my goal.  And I did.  This year, I’ll be doing the same thing: but you get to choose this time.

Shameless plugs aside, this is a charity that is near and dear to me.  And bottom line: this is all for the children.  I have had the fortune of having a relatively great life without any major illnesses or injuries.  Most of these kids aren’t so lucky.  But with your help, you’re helping support and build towards a better life for them.  I wouldn’t be offering to mark my body permanently if this wasn’t important.  Anything you can donate will help.  It all starts by going here: Extra Life 2012.

Like last year, I’ll get a tattoo if I raise my goal of $500.  However, you get to choose what it will be.  As a further incentive, if I raise more than $500, I’ll provide video snippets of when I go get that tattoo as well.  I have selected a few tattoos to choose from.  Let me know what you think. Just to clarify, you DO NOT have to take part of the poll.  The main important thing is to GET INVOLVED, and if you can, DONATE.  The voting poll is at the bottom.

Extra Life Charity Logo

Option 1
: The Extra Life Logo

This is most likely the most appropriate choice. And it’d compliment my tattoo from last year.




Portal Falling

Option 2
: Portal Logo

I love the HL series, but I’m especially a big fan of Portal.  If you haven’t played it, do yourself a favor and head to Steam now.





Gear Mock Up

Option 3: Gears of War

I’m also a big Gears of war fan and have wanted some Gears ink for awhile. This isn’t exactly how I would get it. I want the Lancers (the chainsaw guns) in the background; but the skull would be more in line with the authentic one.

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