MBA for Hire Is Dead…

I never liked the title of my blog. But I couldn’t create this blog unless I gave it a distinctive name. The main reason for creating this blog was to document my trails and tribulation establishing myself in Seattle. And MBA for Hire seemed most appropriate given my focus. But that focus has changed as of late. I’m not ending this blog but I am changing the name. And as the saying goes, there’s a lot in a name.

In my current residence, there’s a designated area on the roof where dogs can go potty. After Maxx does his business, we go for a quick lap around the deck. Ever once and awhile, we’ll come across a bird perched on the ledge. Once he sees this, everything goes out the window. His head jerks pointedly at the bird, his ears perk up, and he strikes a “ready to pounce” pose. More often then not, he’l just charge forward full throttle. Sometimes, he’ll try to trot quietly forward but his excitement more often than not gets the better of him and he darts ahead as he gets closer; which of course means the birds has flown the coop. In a peculiar way, I just find it amazing that even though he never catches the bird; he never loses that spark. Granted, I know it’s just the lab instinct that’s hardwired into his DNA, but the point still stands. he still chases it, no matter how many times he inevitably fails.

And it strikes me that maybe I need to take a page out Maxx’s book apply that same stubborn, tenacity to certain areas in my life. Despite all the insurmountable odds facing me, just charge headlong with reckless abandon. Well, maybe not so much reckless. The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So a fair measure of corrective action should be applied as needed; but the intensity of the pursuit should never change.

Maxx eyeing his target off in the distance

When one door closes, another one opens. So going forward, this blog will no longer be named MBA for Hire. The title is too inwardly focused and not as forward thinking as I would like. So it’s only fitting that I brand this space something that’s a little more upbeat and a bit more progressive. Brought to you courtesy of my dog’s hunters instinct, I give you…”Chasing Birds“!

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